tonight's menu

bowl of fries $4

Fresh-cut fries tossed in our signature rosemary salt. served with fry sauce. add beer cheese for $1.00

'cause why not

Beer Cheese Nachos $7

Tortilla chips topped with home made beer cheese and seasonal veg.

Ask for napkins

Smash Burger $9

Two hand smashed 3 0z patties topped with cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. served with a side of signature rosemary-salted fries, and our Home made beer cheese.

Dip the burger

Philly Cheese steak $10

choice of shaved marinated chicken or beef served on toasted French bread topped with caramelized onions and beer cheese.

you'se gotta get it

Grilled wedge salad $9

A grilled iceberg wedge on a bed of grilled seasonal vegetables sprinkled with our signature rosemary salt drizzled with home made ranch and topped with bacon crumbles.

Fresh As fuck

Cup of beer cheese $2

made from scratch - everyday

blend of Monterey and cheddar, Squatters juicy IPA and our signature blend of fresh seasonings